Are you ready to step into your highest potential? Are you ready to feel good inside and out? Are you interested in finding the right methods and guides that will help you on your journey to holistic wellness?

Welcome to NewWU: Modern Wellbeing.

NewWU is about WAKING UP to the wellbeing that exists WITHIN US. It’s about anchoring into our inner potential so that we can shine in the world.

Modern Wellbeing is a fresh perspective on self-care. We understand that wellbeing isn’t only about how you look on the outside. Feeling vibrant on the inside is equally important.

Inner peace, trust, inspiration, and authenticity are as essential as exercise, alignment, and good nutrition for optimal health.

Based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, NewWU: Modern Wellbeing offers the most comprehensive list of wellness practitioners and businesses in the area. From acupuncture, yoga, fitness, or massage to life coaching, meditation, spiritual guidance and everything else that connects the body, mind and spirit, NewWU is your resource for finding what will help you on your path to being the best you—you can be.

NewWU: Modern Wellbeing was created by Samantha Strawbridge Eddy. Long time resident of Jackson Hole, Sam opened and operated Spirit: Books, Gifts, Life, an intimate book and gift store specializing in material and programs to open and expand the mind and heart from 2011-2016. During that time, she discovered her community’s desire for easier access to the holistic wellness opportunities in the area.

In 2013, after a successful Kickstarter campaign, she established Teton Spirit Connection an online resource and semi annual regional magazine for healthy inspired living. When Samantha closed Spirit: Books, Gifts, Life in February 2017, she rebranded Teton Spirit Connection into NewWU: Modern Wellbeing to continue her mission of creating a holistic wellness community with a broader perspective and expanded outreach.