Star Signposts: New SolLunar Cycle ~ March 17 – 23

New SolLunar Cycle in sidereal Pisces

“Water Child” painting by Lucinda Abbe

Our New SolLunar Cycle takes place in sidereal Pisces, linked to Chiron, the Wounded Healer and potent Shaman. In the next four weeks, we will build healing bridges and open new lines of communications. In addition, old wounds still in need of emotional healing might re-emerge. Seek alternative modalities for healing (that are now quite acceptable, even mainstream) for lasting healing effects. Pisces prioritize’s our spiritual nature, that fundamental grounding. Commit to your daily practice. It will keep you sane in chaotic times.

We will also experience a blessed and blessing Neptune/Juno conjunction in Aquarius on March 27 (much easier on partnerships than 2017’s Pluto/Juno conjunction) that may connect you with your ideal partners on all levels. Neptune rules the power of your imagination to see in advance what you want to create and call it forth. Await the miracle with anticipation and appreciation.

Lastly, during these two weeks a tightening, tense conjunction of Mars and Saturn, will become exact on April 2. This aspect, which happens once ever two years, will make the upcoming Full Moon of this SolLunar Cycle particularly passionate, perhaps challenging.

Gratitude to my friend, Lucinda Abbe, for sharing her water paintings with my readers. Check out these links for Lucinda’s meditation teaching and for Lucinda’s art.


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I post twice a month, on the New Moon (which includes the two weeks of New Moon and First Quarter Moon) and on the Full Moon (which includes the two weeks of Full Moon and Last Quarter Moon). As you work with and within the natural flow of time and supportive cosmic energies of each unique SolLunar Cycle, life will flow with more ease and grace. My interpretations and predictions are based on the true sidereal astronomical alignments. You can read about my unique way of interpreting astrology at this link: EarthWord SkyWord sidereal readings. Even NASA is onboard now with the sidereal zodiac!


New SolLunar Cycle in sidereal Pisces

Here is a list of New Moon characteristics compliments of my friend/sidereal colleague Nick Anthony Fiorenza from LunarPlanner:

“Beginning the Sprouting Phase of the Lunar Cycle, a new theme emerges, a new idea or concept sprouts forth. This is an inner message, an impulse expressing from a field of all possibilities deep within the unconscious mind. Often this process is one of discovery, slowly revealing a simple theme over a day or two, or it may be quite clear and specific, even suggesting a major life change. The New Moon is a perfect time for meditation or a quite walk—to go within self and listen.”

Sat March 17

NewSolLunar Cycle in sidereal Pisces: Sun/Moon/Chiron in Pisces square Mars in Sagittarius: The watery, intuitive depths of this New SolLunar Cycle in Pisces (a sign of suffering, compassion, creativity) aligned with Chiron, dubbed the Wounded Healer (implying all of us need each other in our own healing processes, we are not meant to do that alone) will plant seeds of both compassion and healing into our planetary field. Think of New Moons like that; they energetically focus new energies onto our Earth grid, bathing us in the next level of evolutionary healing and planetary awakening. This watery New Moon and the upcoming First Quarter Moon (March 24) are also strongly linked to forceful, driven Mars in fire-sign Sagittarius. This implies we must take action on what we are feeling. No wallowing or wasting time feeling like a victim (the downside of Pisces). Claim your determination and will to power through any perceived blockages.

Sun March 18

Sun/Chiron conjunction in Pisces: This annual conjunction of Shaman Chiron (associated with both our deepest wounds and the ability to forgive and heal from those same wounds) always makes for profound moments of awakening and magic. This pairing can be magical because Chiron rules shamanic time/parallel realities where miraculous leaps and events are possible. As both planets meet up in intuitive Pisces, you can also access a depth of openness and vulnerability not always accessible in daily life.

Moon/Venus/Mercury in Pisces trine North Lunar Node: Take advantage of this utterly relaxing event and don’t force anything. Just be in the flow, enjoy the moment and notice who crosses your path, aware that with the link to the North Lunar Node, an important connection with someone key to your future will appear. Water activities are highlighted along with meditative music, massage, and foot rubs (Pisces governs the feet).

Mon March 19

Moon/Uranus conjunction in Aries: Shocking or impulsive behavior can be part of this monthly meeting of the emotional Moon with spontaneous Uranus. Routines are upset, but trust the momentary guidance guiding you. Be willing to turn on a dime, or make no plans at all. Break free of conformity or a confining schedule. Experiment.

Tue March 20

Spring Equinox ~ 9:15 am MST: It’s spring in our Northern Hemisphere, and that’s always good news in my book of seasons. Find your own joyful way to honor this day of equal day and equal night. It’s a great time to set intentions, give thanks (always, daily) as you embark on your next journey of discovery.

Moon in Aries trine Saturn in Sagittarius: This energizing aspect adds focus, strength and courage to any activity you are engaged in today.

Wed March 21

Moon/Pallas Athene in Taurus: This aspect is excellent for designing your spring garden or feeling inspired to create a solid financial plan going forward. Finish up your taxes. Sometimes this pairing forces you to claim your own way of doing things, versus following someone else’s plan.

Vesta in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries: Uranus can bring surprises or a sudden desire to turn in a different direction. Vesta rules security concerns and also offers the ability to be super-focused. This pairing helps you balance the need for both courage and safety in a lovely way.

“The Beachtowel” painting by Lucinda Abbe

Thu March 22

Mercury in Pisces turns retrograde: Mercury, our planetary ruler of the mind, communication and transportation systems turns retrograde until April 15. This Mercury retrograde cycle is much softer and kinder than the last brutal and challenging one of December 2017 that took place in Sagittarius. The influence of Pisces on the mind prefers slowing down, values emotional honesty, chooses forgiveness. During this three week period, events of great suffering that awaken our compassionate nature may occur, like the recent traumatic, horrific collapse of a new pedestrian bridge in Florida. Some people might choose to take a break from their technological devices and social media, either because of mechanical break down or due to a feeling of being overwhelmed. This period is highly imaginative and supports writers, poets musicians especially to revise and edit their work.

Moon in Taurus square Neptune/Juno in Aquarius: This square aspect encourages exploring the financial reality of a business or shared project. Aquarius has it’s head in the clouds, dreaming of the future, and Taurus wants to bring that dream into concrete reality. Work and play with the tension.

Fri March 23

Venus in Pisces square Pluto in Sagittarius: There’s more intensity in the love, money, creativity frontiers of your life as Pluto always demands we go deeper, delve further into underlying reasons or causes, not stopping until we have reached the rock bottom truth of what we desire most. Also with challenging aspects to Venus, self-worth issues arise for reflection and healing.

Moon in Taurus sextile Mercury/Venus in Pisces: This aspect is great for valuing all you have accomplished of late. It took effort to plant the garden, now sit back and revel in the beauty and wonder and fragrance.


Resources for Personal and Planetary Well-Being

JIN SHIN JYUTSU ~ TOOL FOR SUPPORT: Here’s a helpful tool to help you maintain health, calm, balance during these stressful but extraordinary times: Health is in your Hands. I am a proponent of Jin Shin Jyutsu and have been a practitioner since 1983. This beautiful, easy-to-use book and card set teaches you the ancient Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu, the Art of Self Healing. JSJ’s premise is that by applying the jumper-cable of your hands to various points on the body, you can clear your own stress on a daily basis, freeing up stuck energy that leads to patterns of dis-ease, while activating the renewed flow of qi and vigor on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. Please check it out, and teach yourself this simple tool for centering and radiant vitality.


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