Star Signposts: Last Quarter Moon March 9-16

Here is a description of the qualities of the Last Quarter Moon phase compliments of my friend and sidereal colleague, Nick Anthony Fiorenza at Lunar Planner:

“This phase completes with our Inner Needs surfacing to consciousness, to become aware of what is important to self and what is not. Knowing now what our Truth is, it is time to consciously live it. Doing so provides a choice for others to also live theirs. Changing allows us to spiral to a new octave of experience—one that will eventually sprout in the next lunar cycle to come.”

Fri March 9

Last Quarter Moon: Moon/Vesta in Scorpio square Sun in Aquarius: This intense dynamic creates forceful displays of will, even battles of willfulness, power plays, or gives you the determination to push past any lingering doubts about a matter and take action.

Mercury in Pisces trine Ceres in Cancer: This nurturing aspect manifests as sharing tears with someone or initiates conversations of forgiveness, being kind. Find ways to share the bounty of your unconditional love, by checking in on someone in need of some TLC, visiting pets that still need to be adopted, signing up to deliver meals to those in need, visiting elders in their homes or assisted living homes.

Moon/Mars conjunction in Sagittarius: I like reporting that Mars has finished it’s once-every-two-year transit of undercover delving, Scorpio, and has now entered sunlight-is-best-disinfectant, Sagittarius. And the emotional Moon aligns with Mars this evening, late-night energy surges, heated discussions, athletic intimacy are possibilities for the hot-flame expression of this conjunction.

Sat March 10

Moon/Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius square Mercury in Pisces: There can be a stand-off between what your mind and heart think is the best course of action. Moon/Saturn tends to see things realistically and sometimes with a limited mindset, while Mercury in Pisces believes in the power of the imagination to go beyond ‘what is’ and embrace the magic of ‘what could be’.

Sun in Aquarius sextile Pallas Athene in Aries: Envisioning your way out of a perceived dilemma is easier today with this stimulating sextile. Feel and see your own brilliance rise up and guide you in courageous ways.

Sun March 11

Mars in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries: A most excellent day for an athletic outing, but also be okay to suddenly change your plans to adapt to the moment (shocking Uranus). If you follow your intuition, you might avoid an accident or potential delay.

Moon/Pluto conjunction in Sagittarius trine Pallas Athene in Aries: As the Moon makes its monthly alignment to each planetary being, energy is released and seeks expression. As the Moon aligns with Pluto, big changes happen suddenly, explosions are possible, power struggles come to the fore. With the positive trine to Pallas Athene (goddess of creative wisdom and strategy) in risk-loving Aries, you might make a shift in your life plans that reminds you you still have boldness, drive and courage to lead an adventurous life or reinvent your identity.

Mon March 12

Moon in Capricorn opposite Ceres in Cancer: The emotional tone today is serious and involves issues surrounding our responsibilities in our relationships. It’s good, too, for getting caught up, pushing past procrastination and becoming more organized.

Tue March 13

Sun in Aquarius trine Jupiter in Libra: This good-news aspect brings support and friendship with new doors of opportunity opening. Use this energy to remember the important key of giving gratitude for unknown blessings already on their way. Luck comes often from a positive outlook.

Venus in Pisces square Saturn in Sagittarius: In contrast to the above energy, this aspect can bring about tensions or fears involving love or money, Venus’s domain. Use the focusing power of Saturn, not as fear, but to get real about what is happening or needs to happen.

Mars in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces: Defensive, even angry Mars stands off with compassionate Chiron and people discuss which course of action will truly make a difference. All hands are needed on deck in terms of activism given all that is currently at risk. So find away to team up as both earthly and spiritual warriors, fighting for your cause in a way that feels right for you.

Moon/South Lunar Node conjunction in Capricorn: This once-monthly alignment can bring up nostalgia for our parents and elders who have passed. Be in communion with the living or spirit elders tonight, if you still rely on their sage advice.

Wed March 14

Moon in Capricorn square Jupiter in Libra and Pallas Athene in Aries: This planning-oriented square brings out tensions in team players, or families, or helps to solve a problem or design issue. Some might want to take a more traditional approach while others want to make a more experimental choice.

Thu March 15

Moon/Juno conjunction in Aquarius: This relational aspect takes place in the evening and can lead to a sudden desire to meet up/talk to a friend or make a commitment to be a better friend, or give you courage to ask a long-time friend out for a romantic date. Conversely, Aquarius can also bring out anti-social needs, so you might desire to take your own space to be in communion with yourself. Your relationship with yourself is a most important one, so cultivate that, too, with love, appreciation, gratitude, compassion.

Fri March 16

Moon/Neptune conjunction in Aquarius: An important dream may have surfaced in the early morning or you may wake up creatively inspired, full of visions and faith that things will work out. On this last day of a completing SolLunar Cycle, it might be nice to make social time with an old or new friend, sharing notes about what just happened in both of your lives. Rest, relax, release, always good advice as a cycle completes.

New Moon/New SolLunar Cycle in Pisces occurs tomorrow right at sunrise so if you are inspired, greet the dawn with fresh new intentions or a wide open openness to what is next to come.

“Queen of Pentacles” painting by Priscilla Marden


Resources for Personal and Planetary Well-Being

JIN SHIN JYUTSU ~ TOOL FOR SUPPORT: Here’s a helpful tool to help you maintain health, calm, balance during these stressful but extraordinary times: Health is in your Hands. I am a proponent of Jin Shin Jyutsu and have been a practitioner since 1983. This beautiful, easy-to-use book and card set teaches you the ancient Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu, the Art of Self Healing. JSJ’s premise is that by applying the jumper-cable of your hands to various points on the body, you can clear your own stress on a daily basis, freeing up stuck energy that leads to patterns of dis-ease, while activating the renewed flow of qi and vigor on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. Please check it out, and teach yourself this simple tool for centering and radiant vitality.


COWSPIRACY : This is a must-see movie for all humans who care about personal health, animal well-being, social justice, climate change, the health of our Earth. Become educated about the important information shared by these courageous and visionary filmmakers and activists.


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