A peaceful warrior is always working on themselves. Someone who is continually facing life’s circumstances with a warrior spirit yet strives to keep their inner world and outer world at peace.

It’s someone who has inner strength and personal power yet strives to live a peaceful life. Someone who is full of inner resources despite the odds, despite the setbacks, despite the stressors yet remains humble & kind. It’s someone who has been through the unimaginable yet still learned to believe 100% that they are worthy. A peaceful warrior acts without violence or hate and with a high level of integrity and respect.

How to access your Peaceful Warrior:

-Accept that you are worthy

-Honor your truths

-Don’t let anyone deter you from staying in your personal power.

-Don’t “PAY” attention to things or people that are not healthy for you.

-Trust that you can stay in your power.

-Give your best effort every day

-Stand tall

-Keep your head up (physically)

-Give good eye contact

-Breathe deep when you are beginning to doubt

-Love yourself despite any criticisms or mistakes

-Be your own ally

-Never give up on your dreams

-Believe you are worth it and good things are coming

-Endure the challenges or setbacks

-Believe in equality for all sentient beings

-Do some Warrior yoga poses

-Connect with your masculine energy

-Absorb some Yang energy

-Pump yourself up watch some martial arts movies, or classes

-Access your inner tiger or bear spirit metaphorically

-Stay grounded

-Don’t bother with minutiae or drama


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-Stay out of other people’s business, keep your energy for your life

-Keep your integrity

-Vow to “Do No Harm”

-Maintain humility, arrogance is sign of weakness, not power

-Take responsibility for yourself

-Be well educated

-Meditate on equanimity

-Learn excellent communication and negotiation skills

Practicing any one or few of these when you are feeling low in energy, low in assertiveness, low in esteem, low in personal power. These can be small tools to get you in alignment with your fire energy.

Remember the key is to attain personal power, not assert power over others or life itself.

The tendency can be to want to control the external. However the external isn’t always in our control. So starting with inner work is always a good investment in time and energy.

About the Author

Jamie Themadjaja
Jamie Themadjaja has been providing all clients with compassionate, friendly and intuitive service. A certified massage therapist with 14 years of experience. A Jackson dweller of 25 years. Working with clients one on one to help improve their quality of life is a passion of hers. anjamassagejh.com

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