Star Signposts: Last Quarter Moon December 10-16

Last Quarter Moon

“Life at the Edge” painting by Susan Pitcairn

Here is a description of the qualities of the Last Quarter Moon phase compliments of my friend and sidereal colleague, Nick Anthony Fiorenza at Lunar Planner:

“This phase completes with our Inner Needs surfacing to consciousness, to become aware of what is important to self and what is not. Knowing now what our Truth is, it is time to consciously live it. Doing so provides a choice for others to also live theirs. Changing allows us to spiral to a new octave of experience—one that will eventually sprout in the next lunar cycle to come.”

Thank you, Susan Pitcairn, for the gift of using your beautiful paintings for this post. Please check out her website and the multi-dimensional aspects of her very creative life.


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NOTE: I post twice a month, on the New Moon (which includes the two weeks of New Moon and First Quarter Moon) and on the Full Moon (which includes the two weeks of Full Moon and Last Quarter Moon). As you work with and within the natural flow of time and supportive cosmic energies of each unique SolLunar Cycle, life will flow with more ease and grace. My interpretations and predictions are based on the true sidereal astronomical alignments. You can read about my unique way of interpreting astrology at this link: EarthWord SkyWord sidereal readings. Even NASA is onboard now with the sidereal zodiac!


Sun December 10

Last Quarter Moon: Moon in Leo square Sun in Scorpio: The Moon in Leo adds a lightening touch to the delving-depths of Scorpio, like sunlight shimmering on water. May you feel a sense of relief for all you have accomplished in 2017 with today’s final Last Quarter Moon of 2017. Make time for inner reflection (Mercury is still turned inward/retrograde) or continue to clear away things or habits that no longer serve your higher good and happiness.

Venus in Scorpio square Neptune in Aquarius: Conversations about differing needs in a relationship may arise, with some wanting more contact and others needing more freedom. Deceptions involving money can be revealed, especially on the national/international scene. Beware of scams.

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio trine Uranus in Pisces: This exceptionally fine aspect for writers and thinkers leads to breakthroughs in projects or wave upon wave of inspiration pouring in. Think epiphanies, downloads, swift completions.

Mon December 11

Moon in Virgo sextile Venus in Scorpio: Take a rest day today between the intensity of yesterday and the focused energies of tomorrow. The meditation of cleaning and bringing order to your space or getting some restorative bodywork are things Virgo likes to do.

Tue December 12

Vesta/Jupiter in Libra final conjunction: This aspect building over the last few weeks brought together Vesta (ruler of hearth and home, investments, focus and dedication) and Jupiter (spiraling to a new level, expansiveness, optimism, greed). Libra rules the justice system, relationships, and all types of counselors, so today’s final passage brings to completion processes involving any or all of the above arenas. This aspect has been strongly at work in the ongoing battles surrounding the not-so-fair tax bill and the deepening legal investigations surrounding our political processes and current leaders. Karma may come due and justice will be served in a big way today and in days to come.

Mercury retrograde conjunction Sun in Scorpio: As Mercury retrograde crosses back over the face of the Sun aligned in delving Scorpio, secrets are brought to light, deeper attachments and emotions are revealed, mental concentration becomes pinpointed and incisive.

Wed December 13

Moon/Mars conjunction in Libra: This passionate and often combative monthly reunion of the emotional Moon with forthright Mars can manifest in below-the-surface tension suddenly erupting in relationships, business or legal dealings, areas associated with Libra. There’s an edginess to this aspect but it can be used positively in athletic or activist endeavors.

Thu December 14

Moon/Vesta/Jupiter conjunction in Libra square the Lunar Nodes: The moon noticeably triggers heavenly events as it passes over various planets. It rules the sub-conscious as well, and so oftentimes a lunar trigger brings things to light previously unnoticed or ignored. Today’s lunar portal brings clear emotional focus and can instill feelings of confidence and abundance, aspects of giant Jupiter. And it can also uncover unfairness and injustice. The square to the Lunar Nodes represents a turning point is happening in your life. Pay attention.

Fri December 15

Sun in Scorpio square Chiron in Aquarius: A tense, perhaps painful turning point can occur with this square of the Wounded Healer, Chiron, to transmutative Sun in Scorpio. Rare miracles of healing are also possible under this magical, life-changing aspect.

Mercury retrograde/Venus conjunction in Scorpio: Heart and mind merge and unify, creating a resilient clarity that arises from the depths of your Being.

Venus in Scorpio trine Ceres in Cancer: With this aspect, some are pulled to create a rich and beautiful dinner party at home or spend money on high-quality items to beautify the home.

Sat December 16

Sun enters sidereal Sagittarius trine Pallas Athene in Aries: This alignment is perfect for making plans for a future adventure. It is uplifting to the mind and can bring a feeling that anything is possible if one will utilize the power of the imagination to see it first, so it will appear.

Moon/Mercury retrograde in Scorpio: As tomorrow’s New Moon happens at the very end of the day, just before midnight, use today and much of tomorrow finishing up tasks, resting, preparing for the natural rebirth that comes with each New SolLunar Cycle. When the Moon and Mercury retrograde unite in pensive Scorpio, feelings and thoughts merge to become a unified field providing a depth of inward awareness and clarity, seeing yourself as you truly are, no filter, just the rock-bottom truth. Blessed New Moon to you tomorrow!

“Vermillion Cliffs” painting by Susan Pitcairn


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