Do you secretly fear the holidays?

You want to be healthy, spend quality time with your family AND look good in that cocktail dress, but…

You secretly fear being that lady rushing through the drive-through with screaming kids in the backseat – feeling guilty, unhealthy and overwhelmed. And then taking it out on the appetizer table at the party that night.

Surviving + Thriving is a 4- week Online Health Coaching Program designed for busy moms at the Holidays. This program is built to empower and support you to survive the holidays with grace. Learn how to cope with stress, navigate social functions and maintain balance with movement, food and family.

Through expert coaching from Stacy, you will learn:

  • Meal preparation that’s quick, easy and healthy
  • Fitness moves that don’t require much time, equipment or space
  • Techniques to create time (when you have none) and prioritize what’s important
  • Tips for avoiding blood sugar crashes (you know, getting hangry!)
  • Tricks on how to burn more calories while eating
  • Secrets on how to make the most of your limited sleep time

Visit to learn more and register.

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