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Star Signposts: Week of the Last Quarter Moon- October 12 -18

Last Quarter Moon

“Grand Teton Range Nightscape” photograph by Tristan Greszko

The theme of this entire SolLunar Cycle continues in the upcoming two weeks: focus, to be focused, to learn to be better focused by eliminating distractions. Transform too much idleness or laziness of the brain by catalyzing the power of your mind to place intentions/visualizations called forth from your future self into the quantum field. This creates gateways, possibilities, events ahead of you, so when the future arrives, it is near perfection, if not even better than you had imagined. Cultivate gratitude, that magic elixir, as your daily mantra, giving hourly thanks for the smallest gifts. The exact Sun/Mercury conjunction on October 8 will greatly assist you with this, along with the creative but tense squares of Venus (October 8) and Mars (October 10-11) to Saturn.

Thank you, Tristan, for sharing the gift of your night-sky, time-lapsed photography. Check out Tristan Greszko’s extraordinary photographs of both our mystical heavens and magical Earth.

POST-ECLIPSE MINI-READINGS: I continue to offer my mini-readings for $44 (a number associated with living your Mastery on Earth) as the Total Solar Eclipse is still very much in play in our lives for the coming months. In this short reading, I will let you know where this historic Solar Eclipse is taking place in your personal chart, which helps identify where and how these dynamic energies are encouraging you to step out of one life and into the next exciting phase. Please send me an email if that is of interest to you. Thank you!

NOTE: I post twice a month, on the New Moon (which includes the two weeks of New Moon and First Quarter Moon) and on the Full Moon (which includes the two weeks of Full Moon and Last Quarter Moon). As you work with and within the natural flow of time and supportive cosmic energies of each unique SolLunar Cycle, you will find your life flow with more ease and grace. My interpretations and predictions are based on the true sidereal astronomical alignments. You can read about my unique way of interpreting astrology at this link: EarthWord SkyWord sidereal readings. Even NASA is onboard now with the sidereal zodiac!

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Here is a description of the qualities of the Last Quarter Moon phase compliments of my friend and sidereal colleague, Nick Anthony Fiorenza at Lunar Planner:

“This phase completes with our Inner Needs surfacing to consciousness, to become aware of what is important to self and what is not. A sense of completion comes forth with a recognition that the past scenario has served its purpose and it is time to leave what is antiquated behind. Knowing now what our Truth is, it is time to consciously live it. Doing so provides a choice for others to also live theirs. Changing allows us to spiral to a new octave of experience—one that will eventually sprout in the next lunar cycle to come.”

Thu October 12

Last Quarter Moon: Moon in Gemini square Sun/Mercury in Virgo: Moon in Gemini is naturally busy, prefers to multi-task, is a snoop. Today’s completing square to super-focused Sun/Mercury sets the stage for productive teamwork, accomplishing much, healing conversations with less emotionality or consuming media in extra-large portions.

Fri October 13

Jupiter/Charliko conjunction finale: To keep this simple, here is the synopsis from my friend, Nick Anthony Fiorenza (who writes more in depth about the trans-Plutonian objects on his website), about this important relationship transit that began late March of this year: “It may impel us to establish a spatial resonance that is caring, nourishing and protective, a space that ensures the sanctity of relationships, and to establish or refine our relationships and how we interrelate in ways that honor the sovereignty of both parties. It may impel the dissolution of relationships that are not respectful of individual sovereignty, those that are not serving personal healing and mutual growth and wellbeing. It may impel the formation of new relationships, perhaps through mysterious, unexpected or seemingly magical or meant to be encounters. Either way, it should impel a deep introspective process to get clear upon the nature of the resonance we wish to have in our relationships, as the vibrational resonance we mold is either nourishing or not to our greater wellbeing and longer-term goals.”

Given that this year-long transit also coincides with this year’s Pluto/Juno conjunction that has also sparked a brutal truthfulness about the nature of our key partnerships, it seems 2017 has pressured us to discover what we desire our relationships to be. And keep in mind, relationships can be to yourself, to people and pets, to places and work situations. So much transformation has occurred, and now great rebirth and renewal is coming.

Moon/Ceres in Cancer: When these two planets make a monthly conjunction, you can feel more secretive or want to share a secret. You might feel a desire to head home early, or want to create a nurturing meal for family and friends. This pairing epitomizes the super-Mom who willingly makes time to care for the needs of all the family members with dedication, compassion, understanding.

Sat October 14

Moon/North Lunar Node conjunction in Cancer: This aspect is about moving into new homes or recreating relationships or spaces within our home environs. It’s a great day to rearrange the furniture or fengshui your space to ensure success in your goals. This aspect can mark a completion of what you set in motion during the recent Total Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017  in regards to your living situation.

Mars enters sidereal Virgo: Mars governs our physical vitality, our activism, our passions, and is about speaking and acting upon our deepest truth and convictions. As Mars enters service-oriented, health-conscious, organized Virgo for the coming weeks, expect to find it easier to follow-through and follow-up on desires you set in motion the last few weeks. First serve your higher Self, your personal integrity, and see where this devotion to your best Self will guide you in sharing your gifts with the larger world.

Sun October 15

Mercury in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries: This can lead to eruptions or interruptions in communicating and communication systems. It’s good for problem-solving, peace-making and bridge-building, providing you are willing to experiment outside the confines of how you think things should be.

Moon in Leo: Our emotive Moon in playful, joyful Leo, asks your inner child to lead the way, breaking free of ruts or routines, rediscovering the magic of spontaneity.

Mon October 16

Sun in Virgo sextile Saturn in Scorpio: It’s easy to get organized and have your act together with this aspect. If you ask someone to do something (like guiding your child to help with household chores), they are more prone to do the task without resisting.

Moon in Leo opposite Neptune in Aquarius: This brings out your creative, playful side (Leo’s domain), so take a friend to lunch, seek out like-hearted companions (Aquarius’s desire) and engage in uplifting conversation.

Tue October 17

Moon/Mars/Venus conjunction in Virgo: This fusion of Moon (needs) with Venus (desires) with Mars (taking action) in organized, never-tiring Virgo provides steady, clear, focused energy all day long. It’s perfect for deep-cleaning your home and work spaces, too.

Wed October 18

Mercury/Jupiter conjunction in Libra: Exuberant and conversational, diplomatic and caring, this pairing of Mercury (thoughts, ideas) with optimistic Jupiter in harmony-seeking Libra makes for a day of exceptionally supportive communications. It provides a needed super-dose of optimism to our world.

Moon/Vesta in Virgo: On this last day of the dying SolLunar cycle, work-oriented Virgo Moon aligns with the extreme focus of Vesta and assists you in completing tasks and getting organized as you prepare for the next SolLunar cycle that will take place in relational, beautifying Libra. Or go the other way and focus on relaxing. Seek out some form of healing bodywork to help you release the past stresses of this very intense cycle. That’s always a good choice on the day before the next New Moon, which bursts forth tomorrow around noon.

“Rebirth” photograph by Tristan Greszko

I leave you with this image of our Great American Eclipse . This was the moment the light of our Sun returned from beneath the shadow of our Moon, conjunct the regal star of Regulus, a cosmic rebirth with major repercussions continuing to be revealed here on Earth.


TOOL FOR SUPPORT: In an attempt to help you maintain health, calm and balance during these stressful times, here’s a helpful tool: Health is in your Hands. I am a proponent of Jin Shin Jyutsu and have been a practitioner since 1983. This beautiful, easy-to-use book and card set teaches you the ancient Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu, the Art of Self Healing. JSJ’s premise is that by applying the jumper-cable of your hands to various points on the body, you can clear your own stress on a daily basis, freeing up stuck energy that leads to patterns of disease, while activating the renewed flow of qi and vigor on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. Please check it out, and teach yourself this simple tool for centering and radiant vitality.

About the Author

Lyn Dalebout
This post was originally published on EarthWordSkyWord from Poet and Sidereal Astrologer Lyn Dalebout. If you would like to receive weekly updates directly in your email or to learn more click here.

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