Editors Note: this post was originally published on EarthWordSkyWord from Poet and Sidereal Astrologer Lyn Dalebout.

Star Signposts: Week of the Last Quarter Moon August 14 – 20

Last Quarter Moon

Our current SolLunar Cycle is all about our relationship to homeland/family members, nurturing, nutrition, environmental concerns, all part of Cancer’s domain. You realize who are ‘your people’ at this stage of your life, or where your home is next meant to be. This month, I am featuring photos of my personal earthly and spiritual homes for most of my adult life, Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. This cycle is also preparing us for the life-shifting Total Solar Eclipse of August 21. That preparation may involve a release of possessions, relationships or places, and amp up a rapid cleansing and clearing of your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual bodies. Choose to overcome anxiety and tension by focusing instead on anticipating the newness you are vibrantly in the process of creating.

This week’s Full Moon is tied to both Mars and Jupiter, energizing us mightily, while also adding fuel to potential conflagrations in our world. There is a great explosiveness happening all around, including increased unpredictable fire activity, a quaking Earth, an erupting Sun. May you find your own way to return to a calm center throughout each day.

And once again, Mercury turns retrograde on August 12 and lasts until September 5. During this retrograde period, Mercury is moving in tandem with Vesta, the asteroid of focus, dedication to our purpose, commitment to a cause. The influence of Leo greatly enhances creative thinking, sparking a willingness to take risks to live more fulfilling ways. The conventional wisdom, too, is things might breakdown that needed to be fixed and snafus with all kinds of communications and networks can occur.

Here is a description of the qualities of the Last Quarter Moon phase compliments of my friend and sidereal colleague, Nick Anthony Fiorenza at Lunar Planner:

“This phase completes with our Inner Needs surfacing to consciousness, to become aware of what is important to self and what is not. A sense of completion comes forth with a recognition that the past scenario has served its purpose and it is time to leave what is antiquated behind. Knowing now what our Truth is, it is time to consciously live it. Doing so provides a choice for others to also live theirs. Changing allows us to spiral to a new octave of experience—one that will eventually sprout in the next lunar cycle to come.”


“Writing a poem for the Buffalo Jubilee 1996 ~ Gros Ventre Range”  ~ Lyn Dalebout

Mon August 14

Last Quarter Moon: Moon in Aries square Sun in Cancer/North Lunar Node: This critical turning point begins our final internal and external preparations for the Great American Eclipse one week from today. Like our Full Moon last week, both upbeat Jupiter and athletic Mars are helping us feel motivated and optimistic about what needs to be done to move forward. The courage of the Aries Moon helps some move beyond clinging to the past, associated with Cancer. These are bold times demanding bravery, risk-taking, breaking us free on every level. On some days, that can feel exciting, and on other days, terrifying. Just move through each emotion, knowing all is in flux, and can shift in an instant.

Moon/Pallas Athene in Aries: This aspect happens in the night and in the early morning hours. Perhaps it will keep you up much of the night with planning, planning, planning, given the fire of Aries and the organizational abilities of Pallas Athene. Keep a notebook or journal close so those fleeting moments of brilliance will not be lost.

Tue August 15

Venus in Gemini opposite Pluto in Sagittarius: The intensity of this opposition involving Venus (planet of love, money and ethical behavior) and Pluto (power dynamics, brutal honesty) manifests as intense confrontation or negotiation about what is right, what our heart demands, and can also expose hypocrisy and lies. It can be mentally erotic as well as you explore ideas with another with flirtatious gusto.

Wed August 16

Sun/North Lunar Node conjunction in Cancer: I find it intriguing that this annual conjunction, which addresses the future we are manifesting in our lives and our world (the meaning of the North Lunar Node), is taking place in the last degree of sidereal Cancer. Cancer is associated with both the homes and homelands we love, as well as the collective tribal consciousness that often leads us into war. There’s much work ahead for humanity to heal on that front, and today is a turning point, either through a traumatic event or taking positive collective action, possibly both.

Moon in Taurus sextile Mars in Cancer: Nurturing, sensual Taurus Moon makes a happy sextile to action-seeking Mars, making it an excellent day for cooking, gardening, tending to the needs of your family and friends.

Venus in Gemini square Jupiter in Virgo: Purchase items that expand your life’s goals today. With Jupiter’s influence, you might need to spend more than you had planned for, and discerning Virgo always prefers the highest quality of everything.

Thu August 17

Sun enters sidereal Leo: Our illuminating Sun (in both its inner and outer manifestations) makes its annual entrance into Leo, a sign of joy, creativity, playfulness, drama, children, heart-based living and honesty. Wonderful news as our Great American Eclipse will be taking place in both tropical and sidereal Leo. More on that in my next posting.

Moon in Gemini opposite Juno in Sagittarius: Forthright communication, or trying to weasel out of something without telling the truth, are both options with this aspect.

Fri August 18

Moon/Ceres/Venus conjunction in Gemini opposite Pluto in Sagittarius: With so much Gemini at play in our heavenly field, there will be bustling busyness and hyperactivity in all zones of commerce, at communication nodes, with increased travel traffic everywhere. Travel or shop early if you don’t like crowds or waiting. Pluto’s influence aids focus, intensity or pushiness to all your activities. Choose kindness and civility when you can.

Sat August 19

Moon/Venus conjunction in Gemini: This exquisite pairing appears at first light in the dawning day, a visual reminder that Grace, Love, and Beauty remain eternal unifying principles in our planetary Field. Rouse yourself early to witness these jewels, and make wishes, set intentions, as you set your sights on what brings joy and happiness to you and your beloveds, our world.

Moon in Cancer square Uranus in Aries: The Cancer Moon encourages the monthly nesting instinct to stay closer to home. Allow for spontaneity to guide activities as Uranus is unpredictable, can shift on a dime, and at times, is accident-prone.

Sun August 20

Mars in Cancer sextile Jupiter in Virgo: This positive alignment manifests as plenty of energy and optimism with a desire to clean up and bring order to your homeland.

Moon/Mars conjunction in Cancer: This monthly conjunction brings together Moon (how you feel) and Mars (taking action) and supports forcefully nurturing others, or amplifying frustrations and outbursts. Being the last day of this SolLunar cycle, it’s always a good idea to do less and relax more, emptying out before tomorrow’s planet-shifting Eclipse. Stay cool, visit the water.

Mon August 21 ~ The Great American Eclipse

I hope to post my next post a few days before the Total Solar Eclipse given the reality that we will most likely have interrupted internet service due to the magnitude of visitation we will experience here in Grand Teton National Park. Stay tuned!

“Yellowstone River ~ Chilling before the Eclipse” photograph by Lyn Dalebout


TOOL FOR SUPPORT: In an attempt to help you maintain health, calm and balance during these stressful times, here’s a helpful tool: Health is in your Hands. I am a proponent of Jin Shin Jyutsu and have been a practitioner since 1983. This beautiful, easy-to-use book and card set teaches you the ancient Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu, the Art of Self Healing. JSJ’s premise is that by applying the jumper-cable of your hands to various points on the body, you can clear your own stress on a daily basis, freeing up stuck energy that leads to patterns of disease, while activating the renewed flow of qi and vigor on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. Please check it out, and teach yourself this simple tool for centering and radiant vitality.


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