We are living in the midst of the accelerated evolutionary change predicted in prophecies from all the world’s traditions. The evidence is everywhere from drastic climate shifts to economic distress, political upheaval and collapsing institutions. NASA has identified significant changes in the magnetic fields and climate of the Earth, of our Sun, and elsewhere in our solar system.

This upheaval is not intended to do us in. It is an uncomfortable and necessary part of dismantling what has run its course, in order to recalibrate at a higher level. With the assistance of the Greater Cosmos, the Earth is forging an unprecedented evolutionary leap. The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, which includes Grand Teton National Park and this entire valley, has always been considered a sacred landscape. Now the physical and metaphysical energies here are playing a vital role in the Earth’s return to her original path.

Earth Upgrades Her Destiny

From a metaphysical perspective the Earth is an intelligent, living being, and like us, the Earth has a soul. Our Earth is currently upgrading her destiny. She has begun the process of actively reclaiming the original light encoded into her design. The Earth’s original template is to be a love-based, dynamically balanced, all-inclusive, resource rich and sacred home for all her inhabitants to share.

Some call this template Heaven on Earth. Some refer to it as the Ascension. Regardless of the words we give this paradigm shift, it is the planetary-led initiative to upgrade from the constricted polarization of fear, to the expansive collaboration of love. There is no judgment about the way it has been. It’s just part of the design of the Universe that the old paradigm is over. The Earth is moving ahead, and we are invited to do the same.

What this means for humanity is that we have reached the limits of exercising our honorary stewardship of the Earth from the long-standing platform of ego-centered and fear-based ways of thinking, believing and acting. To become stewards of the evolving Earth means we are on notice to shift to love-based attitudes, beliefs and actions towards ourselves, each other and all living creatures, and towards our planet. The word love here refers to a state of being, reflecting the true nature of creation, which is also our true nature.

A Cauldron of Creation

Esoteric sources say this region of America was once the western most part of the lost continent in the Pacific called Lemeuria or “Land Where the Mother is Revered.” This translation remains relevant to the paradigm shift at hand.

This region is a living cauldron of the planet’s creative elemental forces…earth, air, fire, and water. It is said that the core of the Earth is closer to the surface in Yellowstone than anywhere else on the planet. The Teton Mountains are among the youngest mountain ranges in the world. Wild animals, birds, flora, and fauna are abundant everywhere. Nearby is the fire element of the Yellowstone caldera, referred to as a super volcano. There are over 10,000 geothermal features in this area. Then there is the water element of the geysers and hot springs, of the Snake River, the many waterfalls and the deep glacial lakes in Grand Teton National Park. There is even an underground river system. The combination of energies is one powerful alchemical blend in service to the evolving Earth.

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Subtle Energy Systems: A Cosmic Interface

Just as human bodies include invisible energy fields and a system of energy chakras, which create an interface between the higher cosmos, subtle aspects of ourselves and our physical experience here, so does the Earth. It has a matrix of subtle energy fields linking the planet to the greater Cosmos and vice versa.

Right now, new chakras and subtle energy systems for the rapid evolution of the planet and all of her inhabitants are establishing themselves. In the “As Above So Below” design of the Universe, new chakras are coming online for us, and the Earth is experiencing the same.

Many people are familiar with the information that the Tetons are also the location of the long-standing Retreat of the Ascended Masters, including St. Germaine and the Great White Brotherhood. There are many portals to the inner earth and the stars here as well. However, there are lesser publicized spiritual energy systems in the Tetons and the Greater Yellowstone area facilitating the Earth’s return to her higher destiny. Two of these are the star seeded codes of the Sun Bow Clan from Orion and the Teton’s emerging role as the heart chakra in the Ascension process.

The Sun Bow Clan

In the esoteric history of the Earth, it was known that this planet would eventually fall from its original full light path into a denser reality where light and life would separate into the duality of light and dark. It was also known that the Earth would eventually reclaim her original, full light path, and that not all of the Earth and her inhabitants would participate in the shift. Preparations were made to ensure that regardless of what went down in the interim, certain pre-designated areas of the Earth would ascend back to the planet’s original design in a future timing.

A soul group of light code, master builders from the star Rigel in Orion, called the Sun Bow Clan, were given the task of inserting into the etheric energy field of specific land areas on the planet, light codes for the eventual ascension. In the future (a.k.a. beginning more or less now), these codes would descend into the land, lifting them to a higher frequency and enabling them to eventually come together forming the physical land in the new Earth.

One of the pre-assigned areas encoded by the Sun Bow Clan to ascend is the Greater Teton area. Be assured that you can still ascend if you are not living in this area or one of the other encoded land areas in the world. And conversely, just because you do live here does not mean automatic ascension. That decision is up to each person’s higher soul, their angels, and the higher beings of light who guide us from higher realms of consciousness.

Heart Coherence and the Ascension

The prerequisite for humans to embody the new frequencies is to embody a state of being called heart-centered coherence. Very simply stated, heart coherence requires retiring from an ego-driven life and living through the lens of the heart. The heart connects us to our soul, which in turn connects us to Source. The feedback loop goes both ways. Directives from Source filter into our souls, from there to our hearts and then into myriad expressions of our lives.

The Earth’s version of embodying a higher heart alignment and receiving initiatives directly from Source comes through organized subtle energy systems, which combine to form a network of light around the planet. The special function of the Tetons in the current synergy of light matrices is to activate the heart chakra of the new Earth.

The Good News

Everyone is automatically immersed in the field of the quickening potential of all these cosmic and planetary energies just by being here. Walking the land, breathing the air, enjoying the vistas, reveling in the play of light, delighting in the beauty of the landscape and sky is all that is required. The effect of all the natural magnificence will automatically open your heart and begin to calibrate your body, mind, and soul to the upgraded energies. By being mindful, you can choose to continue this heart-centered way of feeling, being and acting in your everyday life wherever you are.

More Good News

Everyone is eager to know the exact date for the moment of transition to the full light destiny of the Earth. But we will not be given the exact information for the moment of transition to the ascended Earth. Why is this good news? Given our current human makeup, people will start attaching to a specific date, projecting our own stuff on to that time frame, and thereby, interfere with the flow of the cosmic design. Once we mess with the higher design by our thoughts and emotions, the Universe will have to change the schedule, and those who made the exact predictions will be very embarrassed.So, know that the heart is where the action is. If you feel drawn to participate in the direction of the planet’s evolution, choose to come from the heart and put your soul in the driver’s seat of your life as much as possible. Invite the ego to sit in the passenger seat and to stay there. This new heart/soul way of being is contagious, and it will allow you and others to ride the waves of change to the new shores with grace and ease.

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Carol Mann
Carol Mann is a longtime Jackson resident, radio personality, former Grand Targhee Resort owner, author and clairvoyant. Log on to Carol’s website for a full menu of her services www.yourcosmiccacafe.com.

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