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Do you ever get so stuck that it feels like all the energy has been sucked out of you?

It’s like you every part of you wants what you are trying to accomplish but you just can’t seem to figure out what to do next. To make matters worse, you feel like you’ve already tried everything and nothing is working.

I was on the phone with a client yesterday and she had that empty pit in the stomach feeling that I used to know all too well. She’s been having a challenging month with sales and was nervous about not making rent. (This is the not so glorious side of being an entrepreneur.)
As I was sitting on the other line listening to her list out every action or idea she was implementing, I could feel her energy radiating through the phone. She was in desperation and panic mode. She was so focused on the what she needed physically to “survive” that she had forgotten ‘WHY” she was doing this in the first place.

We’ve all been there before. Panic mode. What do I now?

You feel defeated.
Like nothing is working.

I interrupted her, with a couple of questions…”What are you feeling right now?” “How do you want to feel?” “How does it feel when you see a client transform before your eyes?”


Now, this is a woman who is so aligned with her BIG mission. She’s known her purpose since she was a child. However, the demands of everyday life and the mental limitations that come with being a human had driven her off course a bit. She was was so twisted in the “HOW” of what she needed she had forgotten her vision and why.

Why she gets out of bed every day and does what she does.
Why she’s made the choices to allow her to live her truth.
Why she is inspired to do the work she does and how it makes her and the others she serves feel.

So what do you do when crazy sets in and you don’t know what to do anymore?

It’s easy to think that you need to keep taking action to get the results you say you want BUT action without alignment is just busy work. Cue the chaotic mind.This thinking process impairs your clarity and you’re unable to see what’s in your highest interest because you spend so much time rationalizing and justifying your actions. “Should I do this?”  Tell me, when was the last brilliant idea you had when your mind was so preoccupied with your what you should do?

Checking in with your body and giving yourself permission to feel what you desire now will align you vibrationally with whatever you’re trying to call in.There’s no more “When I___I’ll feel_____.” You have to act on where you want to be not where you are now. That’ll ignite your inner compass as your trusty companion. Yay!

Ever been so annoyed because you couldn’t remember the title of a movie? Then when you forget about it, hours or even days later the movie title pops into your head out of nowhere.The reason this happens is that you surrender, you literally let go of TRYING to figure it out. This declutters the mind and creates spaciousness for the answer to flow. It’s a whole twisted mental game our mind likes to play. Play brings back the innocence and cuts the cords and constraints the little ego mind puts on you.

Take a joy ride with silence for awhile. Meditate. Go for a run. Ride your bike. Take a walk in nature. If your mind wonders – LET IT! Allow the thoughts to flow in and out without judgment or trying to control it. You’d be surprised how freeing it is.

Remember why you want the outcome you’re desiring. Remember what how it aligns with your truth. Remember what would make you want to jump out of bed in the morning. Remember how you want to feel and how you want others to feel. Remember you are love. Your ultimate job is to just be you. So do you.

You’re at choice in every moment.  Next time you feel you’ve gone so far up that crazy tree. PAUSE. CHECK IN. LISTEN. PLAY. & REMEMBER. Your answers come in the moment you give yourself full permission to be you. That’s where your mission lies. Remember it’s your life. Make it your adventure. Living my unordinary life,



About the Author

Carolyn Caputo Carolyn is a Badassery Activator & Mindset Mentor for trailblazing women on mission to quit chasing perfect, feeling unfulfilled, or confused in their personal and professional life. She shows you exactly how to master your inner game and trust and strengthen their intuition so you claim the radically abundant purpose-driven life adventure you deserve.She’s is the founder of the Renegade Soul Movement and Align Your Awesome Mini Course to have more ease, joy & freedom in life & in business. You can join the hundreds of women that have already taken it for FREE here.

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