Have you ever noticed when you fall in love priorities change…. Worries fade away…. Time magically multiplies.

There’s seems to be a nervous excitement for the unknown. It’s a new adventure. Nothing else matters …Except what matters.

That’s what happened when I met Casey over 9 years ago. We met on an adventure with a mutual friend in Utah and the connection was instant.

At the time, he was living in Montana and running a successful business in California. I was in the process of moving from Wyoming to Idaho and working up to 80 hours a week managing a bar. You might think that the relationship was doomed from the start. But for us, that thought never crossed our minds.

“There was no doubt. There was no question.”

carolyn and casey

We would’ve moved heaven and earth to be with each other every minute – even with a four-hour drive between us.

We were committed.

Somehow life rearranged itself to bring up together. There were no excuses… no complaints.


We never thought of our situations as a problem. We simply found creative ways around the outside noise to be together. We made it happen. There is something about falling in love that makes you want to succeed. You do what it takes – without question. You find creative ways to handle everyday chaos. You get clear on your actual important “to do’s” and get them done quick. Your schedule rearranges effortlessly and the “What If’s” of the unknown…. fade away.

What if you woke up every day as if you were falling in love with your own life for the first time? It was a brand new adventure and brand-new day.

What would YOU get done?

What would YOU say NO to?

What creative solutions would YOU dare to act on in service to YOUR dreams? In service to falling in love with YOU.

Here are 3 ways to fall in love with YOU


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard my clients say “If only I had xyz then I’d be happy” or “You’re lucky you can do that, I can’t.”We live in a crazy chaotic world where society has become obsessed with how life “should” be or how we’re supposed to look. It’s no wonder it’s easy to get caught chasing perfect. It’s no wonder we become obsessed focusing on what we need to do better and take our strengths for granted. Instead of placing labels on yourself or defining yourself by who you believe you should be in order to be that “better person” focus on your strengths. Ask yourself what you really enjoy doing? How do you want to feel each day? What comes naturally for you? Bring your attention an energy to these aspects of you. This is where your potential and creative fire lie.


When was the last time you were grateful for the very moment you were experiencing?Stop worrying about the future. It’s never certain what’s going to happen. Don’t dwell on past circumstances and allow these stories to hold you back from following your dreams. You can’t change the past and you already know what happened back there, so get over it. Instead, give yourself permission to be in the present and embrace the little joys of life by celebrating every moment. This is where the magic happens.


How many times do you find yourself doing things you’d rather not be doing, in places you’d rather not be with people you’d rather not be hanging out with?We fill our days up with so much unnecessary stuff. Stuff that isn’t serving you or isn’t in alignment with your truths, values, and goals it’s no wonder it feels hard to fall in love with every day. Get honest with yourself. Are your daily actions taking you further away or closer in alignment with the life you desire life. Make a list of 10 things you can incorporate daily to bring you into alignment with your truth. Take action on at least 5 a day. I know it may not feel like you have time but do you have time to be living a plan B life?

Go now. Fall in love with your life…. Think of it as an erotic love affair you can’t resist. Give yourself permission to be present, say no and live you today. And then, be sure to do it all over again tomorrow.

In service to your Unordinary Life,

Your Badassery Activator & Mindset Mentor

About the Author

Carolyn Caputo
Carolyn is a Badassery Activator & Mindset Mentor for trailblazing women on mission to quit chasing perfect, feeling unfulfilled, or confused in their personal and professional life. She shows you exactly how to master your inner game and trust and strengthen their intuition so you claim the radically abundant purpose-driven life adventure you deserve. She’s is the founder of the Renegade Soul Movement and Align Your Awesome Mini Course to have more ease, joy & freedom in life & in business. You can join the hundreds of women that have already taken it for FREE here.

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